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"Hubris should be put out more firmly than a fire"

- Heraclitus

artimages Cyprus, Panicos Chrysanthou


Artimages Ltd, founded in 1995 in Cyprus, tries to produce films in a small country, which has only a short tradition in the field of production. Under extremely difficult conditions Artimages tried not simply to produce films but to produce challenging films. The company was pioneer for Cyprus conditions, as for the first time it brought together and produced films by "enemies" (Greek and Turkish Cypriots). Up to now Artimages has produced two documentaries and one feature, which was presented in Venice. It has co-produced a feature which also was presented in Venice. It has under production one feature and another one as co-production.

Artimages Productions

  • THE FOOTPRINTS OF APHRODITE (1998, 65 min, doc. Directed by Panicos Chrysanthou)
  • PARALLEL TRIPS (2003, 125 min. in two parts, doc. Directed by Panicos Chrysanthou and Dervis Zaim)
  • AKAMAS (2006, 120 min. feature. Directed by Panicos Chrysanthou)

Artimages Co-productions

  • CAMUR (Mud) (2003, 85 min. feature. Directed by Dervis Zaim)

Under production

  • THE STORY OF THE GREEN (feature) Director Panicos Chrysanthou

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